The Treasure in the Trash


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The things that people seek, the things that people seek are in the supermarket, in the stores, in the marketplace. The things that people seek are in power and control, pleasure and delight. The things that so-called spiritual people seek are other-worldly.

The things I seek, though, are different.

The things I seek are in the garbage can. Things people threw out. They wouldn't dignify it with so much as a glance. Humility. Humanity. Feeling. Self-sacrifice. Castaways of humanity. Bastard sons and daughters. Poor relations. Disgraced, disparaged, overlooked, forgotten, left out. Left out in the rain of disgust, embarrassment, and shame. Left to rot. That's all I value.

I say, when I come to the flea market, the good things will invariably be left on the table, waiting. The things egos overlook, the things of which they feel ashamed, the things they won't live or give. Disgraceful. These are the crown jewels of human existence.

Remember these things. Remember those things when everyone else turns away. When they don't want to look. Treasure these things while everything avoids them like the plague, including your own ego. See? No ego would have anything to do with what I love. No ego would dignify to set its foot there. See? Beneath its dignity altogether, what I live on, what I cherish.

Everything that comes out of my mouth is pointing, pointing back, back to the garbage can, back to the dump. Back, back and back. Mother, what have I forgotten? What have I left out, that can make the life true? That could complete it. That could make it what it IS. You see?

Believe me, if people wanted it, they would have it. If people could tolerate it, they could find it in themselves, and they would lavish it on their friends. And certainly on their lovers. If people loved what I love, they would live as I live, they would feel as I feel, they would do as I do, they would say what I say, they would mean what I mean, they would value what I value.

These little corners cut off the Hope Diamond. It might not be tidy with its corners, but it would be whole. It would be a real diamond. Right from the bowels of the earth. Right from the heart of the earth.

I don't care if I'm the only one. I don't care if nobody can hear this. I will say this till doomsday.

But someday, in a in a million, billion ages, all of this will be known to be true. In a million, billion ages from now.