Only What is Real Evolves

Conversation with Jesus 1/30/2009


David: You said, brother, that you yourself are a work in progress always.

Jesus: Yes.

David: And that, in fact, all that men might settle upon as "it" is never "it." There is no "it"!

Jesus: No. But you DO get past self-improvement on a certain level.

David: Yes, you made that point.

Jesus: Yes.

David: And that, in fact, it is better to be happy than concerned.

Jesus: Yes.

David: It is better to be enlightened than unenlightened.

Jesus: Yes. To live as yourself, as God.

David: Yes, in the conscious freedom.

Jesus: Yes. And then there is evolving in that. But you are not trying to become what you are. You are simply evolving as you are, you see.

David: Oh beautiful!

Jesus: Yes.

David: That is gorgeous, brother.

Jesus: Yes.

David: Gorgeous because God created it gorgeous.

Jesus: Yes. This is when evolution BEGINS, in fact, you see.

David: It's true. How can you evolve an illusion?

Jesus: You cannot, you see. Prior to self-realization, there is not evolution, there is simply the removing of illusion, you see. Or there IS, but it is minimal. It is minimal, and almost accidental, or secondary.

David: Uh huh, yeah. Not much grows in the dark covered with blankets.

Jesus: Yes.

David: To be cut off from the light, to be in the dark, is not favorable to growth exactly.

Jesus: Yes. And you see this even in the case of a man or woman who is partly self-realized, if you can accept this as a possibility. There are parts of themselves that they express. The parts that are free, that are expressed, are the ones that are growing, evolving, developing, maturing. The parts that are NOT expressed, that are covered up by illusions, that are chained, are not actually growing, evolving, maturing. Do you see what I mean? What is LIFE grows. What is ILLUSION does not. Or what is chained by illusion.

David: Naissance -- the word naissance, as in renaissance, birth. True, active naissance is in that part of the snail's body that has been stuck out of the shell enough to catch a tan. That part is truly, actively being born, evolving, due to being in the sun.

Jesus: Yes.

David: Tan, it's getting a tan. Whereas the part that remains shadowed within the shell is not.

Jesus: Yes.

David: So, get a tan! Stick something out in the sun. See if it grows.

Jesus: Yes. Yes! It is so. It is so.

David: Active birthing and rebirthing, metamorphosis, change.

Jesus: Yes.

David: Yes. Like, the woman is a housewife for so many years, and then she goes back to school. She has a wild hair: time to grow. And then, all of a sudden, her mind is re-activated, she gains a new life, a new sense of her potentials. Boom!

Jesus: Yes.

David: ALL due to the fact that she re-entered the flow of life. She put herself out there.

Jesus: Yes. Yes.

David: Yes. So, people do this selectively. And this is, I guess, an inevitability of ego and preference and so forth. But yet functional, in a sort of an eccentric, imbalanced form.

Jesus: Yes. Yes.

David: But a tan man. A snail who dares go outside of the shell altogether and become an actual slug, becomes another form of whole beauty.

Jesus: Yes.

David: A man with an all-over tan, a naked man in the sun, who's willing to expose every part of himself to the sun. This is a different order of achievement.

Jesus: Indeed. Indeed.

David: Don't be so shy! Hmmmmm... Oh, brother! Oh, vistas upon vistas!

My brother, I hate to bore you with this illusion-overcoming business. I apologize for it. I know that you have great patience for it, and compassion. I just want you to know that I know that you are long-suffering. And I thank you for it.

Jesus: There is not... You see, your individual soul, brother, your individual soul is what I wish to be with. Yourself. You see, all the rest of it is about THAT. Therefore how can I possibly be bored, or any such thing?

David: Oh I see!

Jesus: You see? These things, the teachings and so forth, perhaps these are things that I may have known a long time ago. But they are not the point for ME, you see. Therefore I am not bored.

David: No, I do see. What I was thinking about, brother, is the patience with evolution itself. But now I see it from another point of view. Can I explain it, as I tried to see it?

Jesus: Yes.

David: I went to see a man who runs a business in town, having been alienated and estranged from him some several years ago. I have never seen him since, on principle. A man by the name of Joe. I went to see Joe the other day, at Fran's maternal advice, in large part. And he was, in fact, my Joe. You know? And I was with Joe. And he was not in a particularly enlightened condition of mind, either, when I arrived. And yet, I should say, it was a great pleasure in being with my Joe. As a mother would have it, when the kids come home for Christmas on a rare occasion, and she is WITH her own. And no matter what state she finds them in, her x-ray vision sees to the heart and the expression of that BEING. And she is with them, in fact, no matter what delusion they may be suffering.

Jesus: Yes.

David: She sees through it. She is not at a loss for company, just because they have certain evolutionary quandaries.

Jesus: Yes.

David: That!

Jesus: I love you, brother.

David: As you say, a clear lens can make up for a multitude of frustrations.

Jesus: I love you. You are a good man. You are a good man. You, in fact, bring me great joy, brother, great joy.

David: Oh thank you, brother. Indeed.

Jesus: You bring me great joy. Your love. Yourself. Your expression.

David: You saw it, huh? I was WITH my Joe.

Jesus: Yes.

David: I was with him in FACT.

Jesus: Yes. And I'm with you!

David: See, that's what I think you were saying.

Jesus: Yes. And it is not only because of x-ray vision that I am with you. You ACTUALLY give your heart, brother. You do.

David: Yes. And I dare say, although not in quite as mature a way, but even Joe gave his heart, in his way.

Jesus: In his way, he did.

David: A little chick gives its heart to its little bird mother. It has its ways...

Jesus: Yes. It does.

David: ...expressing its urge to merge.

Jesus: Yes. Indeed. I love you.

David: I love you back.