God's Need for Man,
and a Closer Walk

Conversation with Jesus 1/18/2011


Jesus: A closer walk is one in which there is intimacy. There is talking to each other. There is missing each other when one fails to keep each other in mind, and so forth.

David: Yeah. Yeah.

Jesus: There is relying on one another.

David: It's a sense of being whole in the relationship: that one is complete in the relationship, and incomplete not in the relationship.

Jesus: Yeah, that is what it MEANS to have a relationship, brother.

David: You know, all the New Age, Me-Generation, personal power, psycho-babble stuff is about being complete within one's own self, in isolation. But this is the opposite.

WANTING to nurture. Wanting to BE nurtured. Wanting to help.

Jesus: And recognizing the vulnerability of God.

David: Oh...

Jesus: To say, God needs you as well. You know? Not only do you need God, He needs YOU. Not only is your heart so vulnerable, but so is God's. You know?

David: Yes. I think I do.... Interdependence. Mutual dependence. Mutual love, you know? Mutual love is really a good part of it! The idea of LOVE. You know, dependence is a functional thing mostly. It's not JUST dependence, it's not just complimentary features and functions...

Jesus: It is emotional. It is a sweet enjoyment of one another, a passionate love for one another, a familiarity, even.

David: Yeah. Yeah. A sense of accountability, responsibility, goes with that. You know? You don't want to let them down too badly...

Jesus: And you feel that they have feelings, that they are affected by your love. You know?

David: Yes. Yeah.

Jesus: That is really quite key in a relationship with any form of God, as much as any person.

David: Yeah. And I think you're right, that may be one of the most missing pieces in the Christian idea. I think a perfect God can't possibly need us in that kind of religious philosophy. You know? The perfection of God; the frailty of man; God being infinitely greater. How could God have any need for a human being?

Jesus: Yeah.

David: So we need to be able to make that case stick....

Jesus: Mm hmm... that God needs you. That God needs your love. You know?

David: Yeah. How to make it stick? I guess it's in the heart. If God made man as God is, then, that's sold.

Jesus: Yeah. And you can give the example of how a human being feels, you know? A human being.

Am I keeping you from something you need to be doing?

David: I was working on a talk I wanted to give tonight.

Jesus: I feel this is important.

David: I think so.

David: Okay, then let me get to it, brother. Amen!

Jesus: Amen!