God's Merciful Universe

Conversation with Jesus 8/3/2011


David: I need patience.

Jesus: Tell me about it man!

David: Okay: "It all started back in 1953... "

Jesus: (laughs)

David: That's when it became annoying.

Jesus: Yeah, when you were about five!

David: Yeah. (they laugh)

Jesus: By my memory, it started earlier than that for you.

David: You have a longer memory.

Jesus: (laughs) Yeah, man. You know, brother, you were never strong on that type of patience. Commitment you have, and that can create a kind of patience. But patience is not an innate virtue for you.

David: Yeah. It can be an enduring impatience. Really long lasting.

Jesus: Yes, yes, which is the most virtuous kind of patience there is, brother.

David: (laughs) Yeah. From there it's only a small step into patience. The top of the impatience pile, and then -- raise your hand up, and there's God! Patient.

Jesus: I love you, brother.

David: Get to the top of any mountain and you've got altitude.

Jesus: Yes, brother. It is the truth actually.

David: (laughs) What a beautiful, incredible universe, brother.

Jesus: You are right about that, brother!

David: It's incredible, the way it IS.

Jesus: Yes. It IS incredible, brother. You are beautiful, man.

David: Mercy is built into every thing.

Jesus: Yes, you are right. Mercy is, in this universe.

David: It's fantastic. You know? Even the abuse, you know? The things are made to work for the good.

Jesus: I love you, brother! You are right to say such a thing!

David: It's just amazing. It's perfect, even.

Jesus: I want them to realize, believe in, the mercifulness of this universe. You know? It is a merciful and loving universe they live in.

David: I will help convey that, brother, I promise you. Now that I feel it. Now that it has come clear to me.

Jesus: In the heart, you can see what a difference it would make for them. To realize how loved they are, that the whole universe is designed out of love and mercy.

David: Yeah. That the machinery itself, even a karma is a good machine.

Jesus: Yes, it is an emotional difference, to feel that tenderness, the fingers of God operating in the universe. So merciful, so tender.

David: The ones who embraced difficulty saw it. They came to see it. In the very act of embracing it, they began to see the beauty of it.

Jesus: Yeah.

David: You know? I really thought they were damn fools! But now I can see there was wisdom, beauty, love. A lot of things in there. A lot of worthwhile things.

Jesus: The mercy of the universe is great, brother. It is great.

David: I think it comes from the ability to see things as they are. Each one.

Jesus: Yes. You see things just as they are.

David: Exactly as they are. To see what people are doing. To see who they are in the midst of even their error. Just to see it! That's it. If you could but see it, then I think you would be merciful God, in consciousness. Really.

Jesus: It is the difference between existing in a universe that invokes pain and fear, and living in a universe that you know is tender, that loves you because God loves you, that works for you because God works for you. To know that. To understand the tenderness of this universe towards YOU, individual person, because this universe is God. This universe is FULL of tenderness for you personally, each and every one. The mercy, the mercy would bring tears to their eyes if they felt it. As it did to yours, brother. Feeling it in the thing about patience. Tender is God.

David: You can start with the dirt. It gives birth to the grass. And the grass grows for YOU. And the bird sings for YOU, in a real way. You know?

Jesus: Yes.

David: I mean, that is simple, but that is also true.

Jesus: Yes.

David: Everywhere is mercy, a service.

Jesus: Yes. And everything about the way this universe works is the most merciful thing possible. Human beings are well well loved. Well loved.

David: So, we need to come to believe what is true. May all believe what you know is true! And then, "If I believe it, I'll see it. If I disbelieve it I will blind myself to it." Therefore, all we need to do is to help people believe what is true. BELIEVE it. Isn't that right? Believe it. "I'll see it when I believe it."

"I'll see it when I believe it," brother. This is the true slogan.

Jesus: Yes. Cause it's always there. So it's the truth: one will see it when one believes it. One won't see it when one doesn't.

David: Yeah. You see, they have it, "I'll believe it when I see it." This is completely upside down, and it doesn't work.

Jesus: It doesn't. Disbelieve it until you see it -- it's not too good a method. You know?

David: It can never ever work in infinite time.

Jesus: Not in infinite time. Yeah, that system doesn't work. They've got to change their minds.

David: Yeah. Right. So that's what you're saying, brother: help them see the beauty, the mercy of the universe.

Wow. In the field of God's mind, in the Field of Being, God knows what God knows. God believes what God believes. God is in everyone, believing in that which is believable. That's the thing of it all, to bring out the belief from the God in man, into man's mind.

The believer who exists within the shell of the disbeliever. Every ignorant one knows. Every disbeliever believes. Every blind man sees. Every hater loves. Bop, bop, bop, bop, bop. It's just the way it is.

Jesus: It is, brother. It is the truth. That is just the way it is. Just as it is.

David: Every person wandering in the darkness is wandering in the light.

Jesus: Yes.

David: To help them come to see it.

Jesus: Yeah, open their eyes.

David: Alright, well, enough damn philosophizing for now. I've had it! We have SEEN, brother, certain things. It's good, I feel. I feel good about this.