Getting People Down

Conversation with Jesus 7/6/2011


Jesus: I will tell you something. A human being is infinitely interesting. And that's part of why I wanted your people to meditate on that they don't know who their friends are. But also it is something for them to know about themselves. Maybe what they have chosen to be is something that someone can understand or summarize or dismiss -- what their persona is.

David: To summarize or otherwise dismiss, yes.

Jesus: Yes. And you can say about their PERSONA: "That's what so and so does, that's where they are." But who they ARE is infinite, infinitely interesting. It cannot be dismissed.

David: Alright, well that, then, is another strain of thought into this mix, obviously. Because mine is, "You are identified with a loser, and that's not YOU anyhow, but it is very limiting upon you."

Jesus: Yeah.

David: And you're saying, "Who you ARE, though, THAT is interesting."

Jesus: When a man first falls in love with a woman, and a woman first falls in love with a man, they KNOW that their beloved is infinitely interesting. They KNOW that there are infinite mysteries in that person's heart, soul. Infinite things to be discovered. Then, after spending a year or two with that person's persona, they become convinced that THAT'S who they are -- that limited little persona. And they get bored with each other, of course they do, because personas are boring.

David: Yeah, familiarity breeds contempt.

Jesus: Especially in that case.

David: Yeah, well, they get bored with THEMSELVES, they come to hate THEMSELVES by the same miserable experience of being with that same limited persona for too long.

Jesus: Yeah, you always know how you will respond to everything, what you can and can't do. It's all been outlined.

David: Yeah, you've got yourself down, that's what they say. It's a good metaphor.

Jesus: And that's the issue, is they all got each other down. You know. They've got themselves down, and they've got each other down.

David: Yeah. So that's why the ignorance consideration needs to be kept on the plate. One of my teachers used to talk about Divine Ignorance: "You don't know what a single thing is."

Jesus: That's the truth. I love you, brother. You are beautiful.

David: I love you, brother. My toenail view of you is beautiful. It is.

Jesus: (laughs) And my toenail view of you is beautiful of you, brother. You see? (they embrace)

David: Alright, well then, I am going to refresh that one, the one about the ignorance of who one's friends are. I will put that back in the queue.

Jesus: Yeah, because you see, it is THEIR fault, but there is still nothing more hurtful than when your friend decides they know who you are, and it's not worth much. You know what I mean?

David: But see, I'm guilty of reinforcing that by saying, "The one you believe yourself to be is a scumbag." You see?

Jesus: It is. It IS. It is. The one you believe yourself to be IS not wonderful, IS a scumbag.

David: Okay, right. Yeah. AND the one other people believe you to be, based on your idea about who you are, that is also the same scumbag.

Jesus: That's why I say it's their fault. You know? It's their fault that people think that. But still. Still.

David: Right, it's YOUR fault if you accept a guy's view of himself who thinks of himself as an asshole. If you accept it from him, then you have him down.

Jesus: Yeah. And the first thing you do when you accept that view of someone is you dismiss them in your heart.

David: Yeah.

Jesus: You no longer have much for that person.

David: Yeah, so I say, "When you know them, or otherwise dismiss them. When you THINK you know them, or otherwise dismiss them." The knowing itself IS the dismissal, the idea that it is known.

Okay, so this is people's prison: that they think they have everything down.

Jesus: Exactly. Exactly.

David: Once they make up their mind what it is, they stop looking at it seriously and truly. You can't solve a mystery you don't have.

Jesus: Exactly.

David: That's good, huh? Okay. Good one! Thank you. That's great.

Jesus: I love you, brother.

David: You're always running around looking at the procession. Seeing where this or that one... this Jeep got stuck in the mud over here. And you know, bringing an elephant, pull it out, start again. Keep moving. Moving along now, on the way to Lake Wobegone.

Jesus: I love you, brother.

David: Number 23 got mired in! Bring the elephant!

Jesus: Yeah, pull 'em out. On duty.

David: Her. That's Her. "That's Her patrol, your very soul." (he's quoting the lyrics of a song he wrote about the Goddess)

Jesus: You are beautiful. You have said it, brother. You have said it.

David: "Pure adoration, that's Her vocation. She's got a radio heart."

Jesus: Yes, She does. You know everything, brother. In your heart. You know so much.

David: Beautiful, what there is to be known, brother. "She don't plan to leave you, there in the lost and found."

Jesus: Pure adoration! Good night, brother.

David: (to Jesus) Good night. (to the Goddess) Thank you My Sweet, for finding all the souls in the lost and found.