The Essential Beauty
of Humanity

Conversation with Jesus 1/31/2011

Jesus: You are beautiful. You are truly perfect, brother. You know, in the Kingdom of God, as it is, as it TRULY is anyway, impressive things don't make that much difference. Impressive yogic powers, impressive evolution. You know? God thinks people are really cute, and love is all there is.

In a sane world -- and there ARE sane places, brother -- all that stuff, people don't even worry about it.

David: Just like you could do a card trick or something, but you wouldn't consider that to be...

Jesus: ...important. The whole thing, you know: "I'm growing, I'm growing, I'm mastering myself, I'm becoming a highly evolved and powerful being."

David: Some great accomplishment.

Jesus: Life is simple the way God would have it. The way it is.

David: I see it. I see it. A true heart could never feel anything different, because it lives as the heart and identifies with heart.

Jesus: Yeah, and in that sense you have EVERYTHING, brother. In whatever form. You are a loving, endearing, beautiful man.

David: Yeah, I get that. I really do get that. I gave a talk recently and I said, "You all have a heart and therefore, if you put your best foot forward, love is love, and there are no orders of beauty in love. YOU have the love that would put you on a level playing field with the best. And so, if you forgot the love and you dropped back to your persona-idea, that would put you wherever your persona puts you. But if you go with the love component, there you are!" That was the teaching. Isn't that great?

Jesus: Yeah. That is good.

David: You see? I really cracked it, brother. I feel that that is absolute.

Jesus: It is perfect. The love component.

David: Yeah, people can be inferior in their persona if they want, but not in their love.

Jesus: That is everything, that is everything. It is really everything.

David: See, that's the answer for this world now! This world of terrible personas and ego imaginings going berserk. And then you just say, "Look: don't fix it. Don't all that. Just, you LOVE, and you've SOLVED it." And I said, "The lock in the doorway, a locksmith could take it apart and know all about it and everything else, but when he goes through that door, he has a key. And you have a key. And there is no difference between the ease with which either of you can go through that door. You have the key, which is love. Operate the key and go through the door."

Jesus: Yeah. And a little kid could take my hand like this, like we do, and the greatest genius on Heaven and Earth could take my hand. You know? And it is the same thing.

David: Yeah! Beautiful! That's a beautiful thing. Yeah, I see it.

Jesus: It means everything. If they would quit it, live a simple, happy life, make each other happy, enjoy what there is to enjoy in each other and in life, and love one another -- what more would they need? Nothing. What need is there for yogic powers? What need is there for anything that could be called evolution, beyond that? There is nothing necessary. That is the whole thing. The rest is just icing.

David: Would it be possible for a person to develop yogic powers like a violinist would learn to play the violin, and have it actually be a gift, in fact?

Jesus: Yeah, but you see, it is icing. Like, here's my wife. Okay? Now, she knows how to play the violin and she's got great hair, but you know, she's my WIFE. You know?

David: Yeah, there is an order of importance there.

Jesus: Exactly. And if she breaks her hand, or if she loses her hair, she's my WIFE. You know?

David: Yep. That's great. But you believe that it is true that it could be done, even as I might learn a joke, or somebody else might paint, or some other artistic expression?

Jesus: Absolutely. Absolutely. Learn how to cook, please your beloved with wonderful cooking. Learn how to play music. Bring joy! A world full of loving people would not be a world of people who thought it was unnecessary to bring joy through the development of skills, certainly.

David: Yeah, including the magic tricks. The levitation, manifesting something out of nothing.

Jesus: A healthy human being has interests that could be said to be just for the heck of delight, you know, just for the heck of it.

David: Yeah, but see, in my understanding of the traditions, the people who did this were humorless, serious, self-powered sons of a bitches.

Jesus: Well, that's cause they thought they were doing it for their spiritual evolution, brother.

David: Oh, I see. They didn't hold it in a way that could be light and fluffy.

Jesus: Yeah. It's like a woman can put on a dress and prance around for her husband, and he can enjoy it. But what if she thinks she is saving her relationship by putting on that dress? That becomes entirely different, you know?

David: I see it. Yeah. And I guess, you know, in all fairness to the Earth, it's been a place of egos, and so there's a lot of ego-mind in the way that people relate to this and that, even a dress.

Jesus: Yeah, there is.

David: Vainglory comes along with some dresses. So, that's sort of par for the course in a demented society.

Jesus: And people are admired for this and that. Nobody wants to be the ordinary person. You know? Everybody wants to be something special, because that's what they think value IS.

David: Yeah, I saw on this website this discussion about the fact that THIS swami, it was believed, did more severe austerities than this OTHER swami. And they were making all the comparisons of the value of these swamis based on who did the most arduous practices. You see? It's like a pissing contest or something.

Jesus: It is like comparing two women by how well they keep their figure up. That is just the same.

Sure, they have to work harder, it is true. It is a deep commitment, all that austerity, but it is no different, essentially. The two women are also exercising, dieting, trying very hard to be this pleasing figure. They are really both superficial, extremely superficial. What human beings think is value is different than what God thinks is value.

David: It may be superficial, but those women and those yogis can take it very very seriously, subjectively.

Jesus: They do.

David: They can think, as you said, everything is on this. This is enlightenment, this is salvation or not. This is going to hell or not. This is life or death, basically.

Jesus: Yeah, and they do. Whatever they decide IS the value, any given person, they take very very seriously. But they forget the value is THEMSELVES. The value isn't even on whether they love. You know? OTHER PEOPLE'S VALUE is what THEY see when they love. And other people see THEM. You know what I mean? Being a loving person is not what MAKES them valuable. It's who they ARE. How cute they are, you know? How beautiful they are. They see that in others.

David: Yeah, okay. So in that sense, loving could be considered to be just another card trick, because it's an activity, or because it's a gift, or because it's something that you can do or not do. But you are you, whether you are engaged in loving or not.

Jesus: Right.

David: Is that possible? But you ARE love, so how could you not love? You would have negated yourself.

Jesus: No, it gets complicated there, you see.

David: Uh-oh.

Jesus: A human being IS love, it is true. Everything about them is love, and when they be themselves, it is usually a RESULT of love that they would be able to bring out their sense of humor and so forth.

David: Oh, okay. Yeah. Even if it would seem to be a secondary result of the fact.

Jesus: Yeah. So the two are very much woven together -- being oneself and loving. But the thing is, let's say, to take it from another person's point of view, say there's Sally, okay? She's loving, you know? Tom doesn't love Sally for the fact that she's loving. He loves Sally for the fact that she's Sally. He appreciates her love tremendously. But he loves Sally, that's what her value is.

David: Yeah, yeah, I see, right. Right.

Jesus: And so, never can anyone find their value in anything other than the fact that they are what they are. And they can see other people's value too, and that is what love is! You know? And so when people just accept the value of themselves and everything else as it is, it will be fine.

David: Boy, brother, that's deep.

Jesus: I know it.

David: That's simple as hell but it's deep.

Jesus: It's perfect.

David: Yeah. Whoa! That's like pure pure pure water. Diamond pure.

Jesus: It is. It is the truth. It is the very truth.

David: That is beautiful, man. What a perfect expression of the perfect truth!

Jesus: I will tell you something, brother. Your people, if they want to take this lesson seriously about loving and not self-improvement, if they were to give their life to love, if they were to give themselves to loving each other, everybody, to service, you know -- not as a spiritual practice, not as something they think they should do, but in the way that you have described it -- it would make all the difference. If your little group around you would be that for this humanity, everything could change.

David: Wow, okay, we'll certainly encourage that. That's so good that you say that. NOT as a practice, not as a discipline. That's not it.

Jesus: It would make it completely impotent.

David: What you call the naturalness of a love, the naturalness of the affection of human beings for one another, the natural love.

Jesus: Yeah. The natural love and care. Ha! Ha ha!

David: Too good, brother! Gosh, you've given some great great great truths here.

Jesus: You can see it, though, right?

David: Oh YEAH! I can feel it in my bones.

Jesus: If your people were just loving.

David: Yeah, they would be a brilliant light in the world, and the whole thing would be almost like heaven had been born.

Jesus: Yeah. And it would help your work.

David: Sure would. Because what a flame that is for all the moths to go to.

Jesus: Yeah. And it would penetrate the earth's system. Switch things around. Make a big difference. Shake things up. Wake things up.

David: Well, ya know, I don't think it's an impossible sell, brother, at this particular moment.

Jesus: I don't think so either. But I want them to know that we could really use that help right now.

David: Okay. Alright, I'll tell them that.

Jesus: And their brothers and sisters need it. -- Not as a should!

David: I got THAT part!

Jesus: I love you, brother.

There's nothing they need to BE except themselves. There's nothing they need to DO except love what they naturally love.

David: Thank you so much. Tremendous! Tremendous! Tremendous. You ARE! You ARE! You have your finger on the pulse of life, brother. You have your absolute knowing of it, so tender. You manage to sneak through all the pundit stuff, and you got to the heart, right square. So BEAUTIFUL. I'm telling ya, brother, if you ever need a recommendation on a job or anything like that, you know where to go, right?

Jesus: (cracking up!) Thank you, brother.

David: Yeah. I'll give ya a good one. I would.

Jesus: I think it may be a while until I'm looking for a job, brother. (cracking up)

David: Well, I just wanted to put it out there...

Jesus: But thank you, brother. Thank you. I'll keep it in mind. I love you. I appreciate it. (laughing) I love you, brother. I love you. (they laugh)