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WindSky is a book of selected letters between David Truman and Mana, a teenage girl who found his writings on the internet and wrote to him seeking guidance. It's the story of the spiritual and emotional unfolding of a young woman as he helps her grow through the joys and challenges of life; and it is packed with down-to-earth wisdom about issues relevant to all of us.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - First Steps on the Path of Love

In Chapter 1, David and Mana meet for the first time. He teaches her about love and meditation, and guides her through the large and small challenges that arise at high school, in her family, and more. A helpful chapter for anyone who wants to learn how to better love their friends, lovers, family members, or workmates, and anyone who wants to open up their heart.

Chapter 2 - Loving through Crisis

In Chapter 2 of WindSky, Mana’s mother falls seriously ill, and Mana is forced to confront the mortality of her loved ones. She learns about a deeper kind of love and compassion, and how to provide strength and support in times of need. As David helps Mana through the crisis, they develop a stronger, more substantial connection with each other.

Chapter 3 - How to Overcome Reactivity and Stabilize in Higher Consciousness

In Chapter 3, Mana struggles to learn how to control her mind and escape the pattern of destructive reactivity that she has indulged in all her life. Mana's parents also become concerned about her moodiness, and pressure her to start drug therapy. David encourages her instead to take responsibility for her thoughts, moods, and attitudes, and develop mental discipline. In the end, Mana chooses to take responsibility for her mind, rather than become a chemically dependent person.

Chapter 4 - Going Beyond Fear, into Love

In Chapter 4 of WindSky, Mana tells David about her negative experiences in the past, and shares with him her fears and reservations about love and relationships. He helps heal her soul and shows her that human love can be sweet and good -- and she comes to see that need, desire, and vulnerability are not only okay, but beautiful.

Chapter 5 - A Detour into Fear, Distrust, and Dogma

In Chapter 5, David and Mana enter a very difficult stage of their relationship. Still struggling with fear, distrust, and insecurity, Mana becomes terribly narrow-minded and dogmatic. All of David's attempts to broaden her thinking and heal her heart are met with suspicion and distrust, until finally, they decide to stop corresponding for a while. The letters of Chapter 5 offer helpful insights into the connection between fear, distrust, and dogma, and show how these things can stand in the way of beautiful relationships and spiritual growth.

Chapter 6 - Learning the Art of Friendship

In Chapter 6, Mana learns the art of being a friend. David helps her take responsibility for the role she has played in creating unsatisfactory relationships in her life, and teaches her what it means to love someone, and to be a human being among human beings. She lets go of her insecurities, and learns how to be close to people. Having lived a very isolated life, Mana finally embraces other human beings, and learns to open her heart to others and give real care. A chapter for anyone who has ever yearned for truly heart satisfying friendships, or relationships of any kind, but has not yet been able to create them.

Chapter 7 - Sacred Sexuality

Chapter 8 - The Way to Liberation

Chapter 9 - How Passion and Desire Lead to God

Chapter 10 - Mystic Awakening

Chapter 11 - Love Miracles

Chapter 12 - David’s Heartbreak

Chapter 13 - Love in the Valley


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