The Holy Bulge

David: I wanted to tell you guys a great secret, and that is that God is very anxious to meet you individually. That really, your situation is you are sought... You see, there is a wall, and Someone is pressing to get through to you.

There is a paper wall behind which is 100,000,000 cubic miles of ocean, trying to get through to you. And the paper wall is everyone you meet. And even the air particles.

So, you have only to turn your attention to the fact of your Beloved; only to turn your attention to the presence of the bulge behind the paper. To know the truth, and to address your Suitor. You see? Someone who would suit you fine; Someone who would be after you; Someone who would dress you up; Someone who would suit you well.

And so, it's a very strange thing to realize that you are in a very improbable situation as you stand. You are the beloved of God. And you are being pressed upon with the mightiest Universe forces of love. And everything is trying to get through to you. And you could live on crackers in the cell of your own imagination, alone as you could conceive yourself to be, without entirely realizing Company is pressing towards you through every particle of being.

And what it is is to realize it, and to say, "Hello." This is well-known to be the most powerful, and significant, and possibly the only true meditation technique in existence. Everything else could never hold a candle to that. It's impossible.

If you apply that technique to the bulge on the paper, the paper will break. All you have to do: "Hello." You see?

Only to be with you -- that's all, you see -- that force is pressing. Only to consummate an eternal relationship you have with your beloveds, your Lover, your Provider, your Progenitor.

You have to realize you belong to Someone. See? And Someone belongs to you. You see? That's the end of illusion right there. You see it?

So cut through the paperwork. Okay? Cut through the illusion of this alone-ness. And be where you are. See the situation: your Beloved pushing against every particle to get to you. Only to be with you, as Bono says. Right?

So that's my speech. Are there any questions about that speech?

Well, I'm just giving the message. You know, you're in a very enviable situation to have so much devotion, so much attention, being, pushing at you. You see? You should envy yourselves. You are definitely enviable to have that kind of attention.


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