I went back to my place they had rented my room
They said I was dead the feeling was doom
Down in the alley I knocked on your door
My eyes were all cryin' you wondered what for

I'm crying for Jesus what he had to bear
For full-hearted lovers' with no one to share
I'm crying' for the poor man who has to survive
In a world where evil is stayin' alive

I'm cryin' for young girls who will never know love
The touch of a lover the kiss of a dove
I'm cryin' for young men out for the kill
They will have no surrender they never will

I'm crying for all those whose hearts have been bled
Bled by the selfish who see only red
Bled by the captives of doubt and of fear
Who will have no comfort who will never come near

I'm cryin' for the angry who never will learn
The wages of war are not to return
Return to the pillow of love & of trust
But fight on for victory and die as they must

I'm cryin' for the good earth that carries these dead
The valleys of flowers where rivers run red
The mountains of sorrow where no man can stand
And the tears of no loving that fall on the land

I'm cryin' for countries where hatred runs free
For nations of warriors who run to the sea
This world is broken it's not for me
I wrote this song for eternity

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