Final Word

Everybody, have you heard
I'm gonna give you the final word:
But if you take that word downtown
it will surely bring you down
But when that karma comes around
you're gonna give me an angry frown
that's why
yes indeedy
you're still so needy
When will you climb out of your hole

Straight from the fryin' pan into the fire
I'm gonna give you your heart's desire
But if you cannot walk that wire
I'm gonna show you a funeral pyre
That's hot!
But if you won't jump in that flame
that old ego will rise again
and you'll cry
I'm still hurtin'
That's for certain
WHEN will you stop hurtin'
Love, baby

Alright take it down
Take it all the way down
That's it
Now take it back up
Bring it up, bring it up, bring it up
Woo woo!
Now you're flyin!
Now bring it back down
Forget about it

have you heard
I'm gonna repeat the final word...
And if you make that word your life
then God will be your wife
But if you cannot hold that gin
I'm gonna notify your next of kin
And that's why
I keep on telling everybody
Love love love love love love love love LOVE

Okay take it down now
Way down
That's right
C'mon, oh yeah
Okay now bring it back up
Oh yeah
That's nice!
Alright now take it back down
Oh yeah
Forget about it