Amazing Space

Amazing Grace
Thy radiant Face
shines everywhere and will
We're never lost
You're ever One
to everything fulfill

Divine Intent
Here's where You went
and now is when You did
The Why is nigh
before our eye
for we are where You hid

Divine staircase
O interface
Ever-blending Love
In all I see
You come to Be
our Friend from up above

Without a trace
You're every place
and just in case, You show
Your body warm
You will perform
for everyone to know

Oh Heart of gold
my Hand to hold
Mother Father Friend
My everything
to You I bring
to Thee of Thee I sing

Amazing Space
of gratitude for Thee
The One You are
Here, near, and far
from sea to shining sea

Oh heart's desire
my funeral pyre
Thy resurrection flame
Thy wings of gold
won't be untold
Thy Glory I exclaim.