You are the Answer, Let it Be
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David: Every person contains within them the realities of the relationships they have. There are relationships that you are in. And within those relationships, you have certain responses that are inherent and typical of those relationships.

Now, a person can go ahead and suppress those responses, and that often happens; but the responses that are there are authentic, and can never be replaced, either with suppression, or with an exact replica -- or a terrible replica, as far as that goes. Or, an alternative offering. Or anything -- because, the relationship is already existent and whole, as it is. And the magic and power of the relationship is inherent in itself.

Now, but what most people are doing, is they are having relationships. Relationship is. But there is suppression which intervenes and intermediates between what is, and what is being expressed. You see. In my hour of darkness, there is still a light that shines in me. There is an answer. Let it be.

The answer is in you. The answer is what you are.

So when people go looking for the right responses, they are probably in denial of the fact that actually, if they have any relationship at all, then the right responses are existing in them already. You see? And so, it's not that you can't look for such a response. And you might find it in someone else -- but what good would it do? It's not that you can't look for it; but the thing is, whatever you really find, being as how it's not you, can never work. Because if a response is outside of you, how can it be your authentic response, you see? The response that you have is in you.

You are the answer.

So, the answer to the insufficiencies of life, which are, in fact, the insufficiencies of being, is STAND UP! You see. As you are. Stand up for and as yourself. Allow your own responses to be. To flow. Because, there's no replacement in the basement for your own responses. Never ever ever ever ever ever. And there's no replacement in the basement for you. Right? It is there (hitting his chest).

To let it be is to stand up as oneself, and then to let one's own responses that are already there, be. Let what is inherent flow. And in that, then, Shiva-Shakti is fulfilled. Friendship is fulfilled. Everything that is relationship is fulfilled. Simply in standing up as you, and then being able, on the basis of being you, to know the we that you are in all your relationships. There is a we going on. This is the one that's not the one that you create. This is the one that's here, that pre-exists all those creations. And even exists despite them all.

What is, you see, is the fulfillment of all your dreams. What is, what you are, is the fulfillment of all your efforts to be right. What you want to give, express, is what is already being stifled within yourself. Not that which you need to learn to create.

The fat lady goes to the counseling, you see, couple counseling. And the counselor says, "Well, Mrs. Smith, you didn't bring your husband today." And he's on, "(makes sounds like someone who is being smothered)." She's all over that man. "Oh, I see you did bring your husband. Well, let him be." He can't breathe like this. He's not likely to live much longer. Let him be. Get off the case.

You see the problem? Having your actual face sat on is not all it's crocked up to be, sometimes. I'm telling ya! In the same way, being a phony person who is suppressing their real self is not all it's crocked up to be, sometimes. (muffled sounds) You know. But I'm saying, you are that one that's being sat on by you. Big, fat, old ego! (fart sound) Phont! (muffled sounds) You know. Give him a chance. Stand up! (muffled sound of "I'm trying!") I know. You're trying. Maybe the ego needs to get off, and then stand up.

So, it all comes down to one question: Will you stand? Will you stand up? Will you stand up as yourself? Will you be? And will you respond with the responses that are, in fact, yours, already; happening, in you, in the present time. Nothing to look for, wash, break, or put away. Just there! Now how much would you pay? The correct price is nothing. Nothing down. Nothing for months to pay. Nothing. It is you! You already have it. Why pay for it?

Just do it! Nike. Tell a friend.

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