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David: I really thought of an extremely cheap way to enlightened bliss, and that is: monitoring thoughts and attitudes that come across the mind-screen. Because I got that all the things that happen are coming out of this, essentially, subjectively. In other words, what happens that matters is mostly either in here, or it's being generated out of "in here." And so therefore, if a person has the presence of mind to think about this thought and go, "What is the implications of this thought?" why then, that would be it, essentially.

M: That's true. Right.

David: I mean really. Because there are two things that you can get out of that: One is, you can cut off the things that hurt. The other is, you could emphasize and cultivate the things that help. Somewhere between eliminating the hurt and accentuating the help would be an absolute revolution in the experience we call living.

That's it.

Group: (claps) Wow. Thank you.

J: This is our experience.

David: This is. It's the cause of it. Yes.

P: Yeah it is. So simple.

David: Well, that really IS it.

J: That really is it.

David: Thank you.

Group: Thank you.

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