Ode to Jolene
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I am happy to be on Jolene's road
with you.

I guess you wish
committing could be breezy
or at least easy.

But I am happy to drive with you
on the road where Jolene Bloyed went before.

I guess you wish
commitment would not require of you
the will and willingness it takes.

I am happy to be on the road
and risk death for a worthy cause.

Maybe you wish
it requires some other willingness,
and some other will
besides yours.

I am happy to be on the road
where time is of the essence
so people are under pressure
to be counted. Thank God for that.

I guess I wish I
had what it takes to go through
what long unwillingness
would requires.

But I am happy to be on the road
where time counts
so people are under pressure
to be counted.

May we always follow
in the footsteps of Jolene
on the altar where flowers
give their all
to declare their undying love
Jolene and I wish
we had some other heart
So we could
crash through forty deaths
and still be chipper about the whole thing.

I know I know
chipper isn't necessary
and life as we know it
isn't either.
It's all just nice
I guess
It's just a crazy lovely option.

I guess you wish
nothing matters
or only some things.

I can't make that true
but know
something matters:
that you know
what matters
and what doesn't.

I guess we wish
time is your friend
we hope it is
and will be.

But I sure am happy to be with you
on Jolene's road
Where time runs out
Where timing is everything

Because on this road
sooner or later
all your friends come forward
with flowers
and I love flowers.
You know me
my dear love
To me
flowers are everything.

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