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David: People go to these seminars and so forth, and what's really happening is, people who can only afford an illusion are being sold an illusion, and that's really what's happening in all these things. Go to church, everybody loves you, but they're really not your friends. You see what I mean? Same with Amway. Same with Alcoholics Anonymous. Narc Anonymous. Corvette Club. Empowerment seminar. Buddhist empowerment. No matter what it is, the basic strategy is to fill a hollow leg with empty calories, for the budget-minded shopper in you.

In the seminar, you get to fall backwards and your partner will catch you, and you get to develop trust, and things like that. But then, when you go out in the parking lot, of course it's over. And you can tell that: all you gotta do is fall backwards right there in the parking lot. And bam! And you get a concussion. And what you found out is, your partner is gone. No one's there to catch you now.

So of course, you call up somebody whose number you got, or the leader, and you say, "Look, I fell backwards and I got a concussion. Now where were you?" And the person says, "Well you know, we need to get this straight, okay? You got what you paid for. Two hundred dollars. Okay? You got your seminar, now what do you expect? You sound like you're expecting some kind of real relationship."

This is like a John who goes to a hooker, and then he expects her to love him or something. It's like, "What?!" The girl is offended. "We had a deal! It was a cheap deal. It was a bargain basement deal. You sound like you want a relationship. That's the Pearl of Great Price, not the pearl of great rice. You get what you pay for. And in reality, you can't get that for that."

What is love? Loyalty, generosity of spirit, commitment, true recognition, participation at a very high level, surrender, vulnerability, feeling, for keeps. That's what people want. And yet they're being sold this placebo shit, this absolute vacuous shit. It's ridiculous. Synthetic love, you see? Conceptual relationships. And if anybody talks about commitment, they're out. That's insane! That's not going to fly.

So this is what's happening with America and with the human beings on the planet in general, is the fact that the ego is so budget-conscious that, in reality, relationship is over, because relationship is the Pearl of Great Price, and it takes all kinds of shit. All the kinds of shit that the guy who goes for the hooker doesn't want to give. And the seminar people don't want to give it, and the ass-ram (ashram) people don't want to give it, and the ass-ram leaders don't want to give it. Leo Buscaglia. Ken Wilber. Sri Sri. You're on your own, pal.

Or then of course, there's the guy who's looking for the steal, you know. It's like a steal! "I'm going to get a whole bunch for just about nothing!" Ninety-eight percent off. That's what people want for love. They want tremendous love, tremendous attention, and stuff like this. Bring it on! At steal pricing. Nunce in a lifetime deal. A steal. But the funny thing is, you can't steal love. That's where that's at.

So this whole hope about this fantastic love that's basically going to come your way for naught, it ain't there, pal. Guess again. The love you take is equal to the love you make. You get what you pay for. Nyet, nyet, nyet, nyet, nyet. So, don't look to the steal, okay?

(talking like a sports announcer) "There he goes, he's stealing first, he's stealing second, he's stealing third, he's stealing home." Boom! Shot him. You can't steal home. That's against the rules.

But the real thing is, everybody wants to gamble "on the come," as they say. Reality is no! A person who's worthy of love gives first; they don't steal first.

Think about it! What is love? It's not the person who takes it on the come. No. You see? You put your rabbit's foot on the table. You don't care at all if the person puts their doorknob out. That's what love does. That's what love is. The person who figures they're going to get theirs up front is nuts! They're not qualified. They don't have the right stuff. That's not it at all!

A lover would do it now and for a long time. They would do it. They would put their stuff on the table. Are you kidding me? That's all they do. That's all they've ever done. That's all they'll ever do. That's what they are! They're a living sacrifice, get it? That's their thing.

But if you want cheap, value-priced love, that's most of what's out there. There's not too many people that are into the real deal any more, anyhow. So it's not a problem. Most of the content of the things that address the value shopper in love are hype, designed to cover the cold reality of what they are with a warm fuzzy mask. You see?

I'm telling ya. So this is what it all has in common. And I'm not going to criticize everything individually. I'm just going to say hey, they're all the same. All they're doing is they're all doing the same riff. And that's what it is. And it's just an appeal to the third-rate romance, budget-minded shopper. All of them, I don't care which one it is. Doesn't make any difference to me. They're all the same.

Sittin' in a tiny table in a ritzy restaurant
She was starin' at her coffee cup
He was tryin' to keep his courage up
By applyin' booze

And talk was small when they talked at all
They both knew what they wanted
There was no need to talk about it
They were old enough to scope it out
And keep it loose

She said, "You don't look like my type
But I guess you'll do"
Third rate romance
Low rent rendezvous
And he said, "I'll even tell you that I love you
If you want me to"
Third rate romance
Low rent rendezvous

Third rate romance
Low rent rendezvous
Third rate romance
Low rent rendezvous

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